Elvira of Castile

Female Crusader who was embraced for the service to her sire during the crusades


Elvira is a gentile woman who is soft and demure. Her initial countenance is deliberate as most men will dismiss her and most women will befriend her. It hides a razor sharp with, brilliant powers of observation and a cunning strategists mind.


Elvira knew the place of the women in her family. They were married off to further the gains of their family benefactor. When the crusades came around and the man she was supposed to marry was killed, Elvira turned the gaze of the church away from her family by joining them and becoming one of the first women to serve.

She served with distinction and honor for several years. Between crusades, she served as a diplomat and politician. She became known for her shrewd negotiating tactics and ability to gain agreements and allegiances from otherwise obstinate parties… though no men would acknowledge their concession to a mere woman.

During the 4th crusade, her family fell. Before they did, she was embraced by her family’s benefactor. After she fled and set up hiding for a time, she was once again called on to ply her old trades. Times hadn’t changed so much and there were crusades coming again, this was old hat to her.

Elvira of Castile

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